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It is through the Church that Jesus is physically and spiritually with us always. And our families need to know how to meet Him here.

We offer resources and support to parishes and dioceses, to help them better facilitate dynamic, incarnational encounters with the Lord, and empower families to accompany one another as they journey ever closer to Him.

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Each of our professionally-produced series are available to purchase in bulk subscriptions for your parish or group.

Prices below include access for up to 150 users.

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price option <p><span class="text-left block">PLAYBOOK FOR THE SPIRITUAL LIFE</span></p>


St Ignatius of Loyola gave us 14 Rules to show us how becoming aware, understanding, and taking action in our spiritual lives makes all the difference in whether we grow or fizzle.

Fr Timothy Gallagher and Coach Mike Gutelius are here to help us apply those rules to our real lives.

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price option <p>THE ONE BEST THING</p>


All parents want to help their kids have a good life. But while there are many good things, there is only one BEST thing: the opportunity to encounter and build a relationship with the God who made each of us on purpose, with a purpose.

This series is paired with The One Best Thing book available at shop.setusablaze.org.

Email us at info@ablazefamily.org for more information on how to use this transformative series with your church or organization.

price option <p>ADVENTURE SERIES</p>


God created everything on purpose, with a purpose. He created us in his own image and likeness, to be seekers and searchers, so that our built-in hunger would lead us to Him!

Come with us as we discover God's great plan of salvation, His amazing willingness to seek search and journey after each of us, and his invitation to join in HIS great adventure.

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price option <p>GRATITUDE PROJECT</p>


St Paul tells us to give thanks in all circumstances- this written while he was imprisoned and after he had been shipwrecked (twice)! How can we possibly be grateful and give thanks at all times? Come and see!

price option <p>TELL YOUR STORY</p>


In this series, you will learn what your own story has to do with God’s GREAT story of salvation, how to overcome fears or struggles in sharing your story, how to prayerfully prepare to share your story in organized ministry situations AND in the everyday life you’re already living.

: learn how to build a culture of storytelling in your parish.

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Help families ENCOUNTER the Lord in real and personal ways

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Help parishes BUILD COMMUNITY and create powerful experiences